Hello world!

I first came across this site when I was searching for information on autism and Sheldon. It had occurred to me that Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory may be somewhat autistic. I started to Google about it and found that other people had been having similar thoughts. One site by the Autistic Journalist led me to create my own blog, partly because I wanted to comment on what he had written.

It occurs to me that I have similar characteristics to Sheldon and people like him. If you asked me to say which character out of the Big Bang Theory I was most like – it would be Sheldon. It wasn’t so much his high level of intelligence that causes me to feel this (although that is a factor), but his behaviour and general attitude that comes through. I tend to like having my own place to sit (and I feel a degree of discomfort when someone else sits in my place). I have particular ways of doing things and tend to be fastidious about doing them in that way. I’m also fussy about the types of food I eat and the way it is prepared.

I’m wondering if there is a scale of autism and that maybe we all fit on it somewhere. I’m wondering if the higher IQ someone has perhaps the more autistic characteristics they may display.

Feel free to comment on what I’ve said, I only have one rule on this blog (and since you are sitting in my seat it applies to you!) 😉


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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hi there. Of course Sheldon is autistic – that’s why we love to watch the show.
    my son Dylan also has autism, although as he is only 10 he isn’t a Sheldon mini-me. I do see my ex-husband (Dylan’s dad) in Sheldon although he’s not anywhere near as funny LOL
    Commenting on your point about a scale of autism-ness, it’s actually a spectrum. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD commonly) is acknowledged as being a range of traits that present in individuals and put them at either the”mild” end of the spectrum, or the “severe”. Aspergers is also a form of autism (perhaps this is more Sheldon) which has been kept separate from ASD but is to be included under ASD in the new DSM V classifications about to be released.
    Many people have “autistic traits” – jiggling your leg continually, twirling your hair etc, but a diagnosis (or not) of autism comes when there are a significant number of these traits present, to fit to DSM criteria.

    • Thanks for commenting Kris.

      I haven’t ever been diagnosed as autistic (although a lot of people have commented about me being “different” over the years – normally they aren’t being complimentary – lol). I’ve always put down my “different-ness” to the fact that I’m a lateral thinker and had to find a way through school in spite of it. That struggle has perhaps contributed to my dogmatic/pugnacious character where I tend to stand my ground.

      I’m thinking that perhaps having a label isn’t necessarily a good idea. People need to take me and accept me for who I am, listening to what I’ve got to say and either taking or leaving it as their own personality sees fit. If they can label me as having what some parts of our society call a “disorder” they may tend to marginalize me and people like me. In the past our society has labelled lefthandedness in that way.

      Your comment about “spectrum” got me thinking too. I had characterized the traits as being on a one-dimensional line by using the word “scale”, whereas I can see now that it could well be 2 dimensional or probably 3 dimensional. In fact if it changes over time then it is possibly 4 dimensional! Spectrum may not be a broad enough term 😉

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