Greggatshack weighs in on End-times debate.

In response to: Various comments about the 21st May deadline, notably the one that replied to my time zone comment by pointing out that time somehow comes to an end and the important thing is for me to accept some sort of religious saving of my soul before whatever and whenever…


You didn’t really get my point did you? The smile and the wink at the end of my text should have given you a clue. This idiot who claims that the the world will end at 6pm EST on the 21st is so wrapped up in himself that he has totally forgotten to take into account that not only are there other time zones but that the 21st (and it is currently 11:22am on the 21st for me as I write this) is on an entirely different day for some of us. Time is only a concept dreamt up by man to explain certain phenomena that are observed.

Man has been unsuccessfully trying to predict the future since he evolved. Every so often someone makes a guess that turns out to be close enough for all the sheep to go “Wow!” So, flushed with their early success they write a book about it but are careful to not get too specific and they use terms like “serpent with two heads” and stuff that people can wonder about and say “well that is probably meaning the guy down the corner who has those two pimples on his chin”. Trouble is everyone can interpret these things in different ways. Not only that, but they are idiots for even trying.

The sensible people know that the only two things that you can reliably predict are “death and taxes” and of those the death one is extremely shaky as far as tying it down to a specific date and time. (Strangely enough, those two things we can predict are also the two things we try to avoid as much as possible.)

Me, well I’ll just try to predict whether I will need a raincoat for golf and just get on with life. The way I see it is that life is just a big game, you can enjoy it, taking what comes and working with it – or you can make hard work of it and choose to see it as a necessary unpleasantness you must endure before being swept up into whatever you have conned yourself into believing is going to happen after you are dust (72 virgins and all).

My heaven is here and now!

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