Some History

Gregg Sheehan

Has been largely responsible for bringing REAP into the computer age as well as having a hand in the money matters as Chairperson of the Finance committee.

Family comprises wife Chris, eldest daughter KimPenny and our youngest, Rory

Then of course there are the two cats Megabyte (siamese) and Bart (plain black cat) and our latest addition, our GSP Whova

(2006 updateBart got run over and was replaced by GenieWhova died suddenly (and mysteriously) in November 2004 and Megabyte developed a brain tumour and was put down June 2005)

Sells computers in his spare time through Gregg’s Computer Shack, plays hockey (tries to) with the Gregg’s Computer Shack Stingers and has even started venturing forth on the lake in a small boat.

Made a foray into politics in the 1993 General Election when he “flew the flag” for Labour against National’s Waikaremoana MP, Roger McClay.

Decided to shorten the working week to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday some years ago and found that the phone now rings 16 hours a day on
all the other days anyway! Has been known to have a call on the cellphone as well as call on the housephone at the same time as in chat mode with user on
the Bulletin Board… Doesn’t leave many hands free to stir the Martini

Well all the above was written prior to 1997! I’ve just been looking at it and have decided to do a little updating, although I’ll leave the general flavour the same because I like the simple approach and there is always room for a bit of nostalgia. (Even if it’s on the cutting room floor…)

As I update this part it is September 2003, and a lot has happened since I wrote all that. (You’ll appreciate that I’m usually too busy playing to update webpages…)

I live in a place called Taupo, which is a town with a population of about 20,000 but swells to 60,000 during summer months when a lot of people come here for holidays. It is a popular holiday spot because we have a big (about 616 square kilometres) lake, which is very clean and contains lots of rainbow trout. We have lots of events all through the year so there are always lots of visitors. Because we are in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand it is a good place for people from the two largest cities (Auckland and Wellington) to meet for conferences and sporting events. Even though we are such a popular place we still only have one traffic light as well as free parking in the central business district, however that may change in the future.My wife, Christine, has been married to me since 1977. We got married in Christchurch in the South Island, where we met, and lived there for 2 years. After that we moved up to the North Island to Wanganui where my parents lived at the time (they are since deceased). About 1981 we moved to Taupo where we have been ever since. Christine is a nurse and works in hospitals for the old aged. She doesn’t have much sporting interest but does enjoy shooting which we do together. We shoot mainly pistol but also some rifle and shotgun. Christine’s main interest/hobby is studying our family tree. She has many branches all recorded on computer and she writes to many people overseas and around about to get more information.

In 1996 I got into a whole new hobby – gliding (or soaring), and within 6 months of taking it up I’d become an instructor. Over the next 6 years I accumulated about 600 hours of flying at the Taupo Gliding Club.

My interest in gliding has waned a little and recently I’ve joined the Taupo Golf Club as well as Wairakei Tui Golf Club enjoying two games a week at each club – feet are killing me!.

This new challenge sees me promoting my business on Wednesday afternoons with other businessmen in the Cavalier’s competion, a great format originally started by the inimitable John Sheargold and now continued by our new professional, James Morgan.. Having successfully failed to get any of my children interested in the sport of golf, I’m now about to encourage my 18 month grandson to take it up. There are some great little golf clubs in the pro-shop that I’ve got my eye on. Joined Taupo Golf Club in 2002 and Wairakei in 2005.

Also in 2002 I managed to get Christine to join me in the sport of target shooting. We joined the Taupo Pistol Club and we’re having a ball in Practical, Cowboy Action and ISSF shooting disciplines. The Deerstalkers Association runs a monthly shoot for rifles and shotgun and we try to participate in that whenever possible. In the
Practical, Christine shoots a .40 calibre Glock and I shoot a .45 Bul M5, (but sometimes a S&W .357 mag). In the Cowboy action we share a pair of Uberti Remington Outlaws in .44/40 calibre as well as a Rossi lever action rifle in the same calibre and a side-by-side shotgun. My alias/persona in this type of shooting is Doc Com (a persona consisting of disreputable town doctor performing backdoor operations and administering questionable medications as well as being a riverboat gambler to whom WWW stands for Whiskey, Women and Wild times). In ISSF, Christine uses a Walther P22 and I have an old (but not inaccurate) Unique DES 69. Became president of this club in 2005.

Besides guns I’m also into swords and have created a small business I’ve called Sword Dot Co. You can’t just look at swords you have got to be able to play with them, so I had to initiate a fencing club as well. We’ve got about 10 active members at present and it provides a good workout on Tuesday nights.

Continuing my association with the Taupo Camera Club and became president of this club at end of 2005. Will be creating a website and putting up some pictures as soon as I get around to it. Got a new Nikon D70S digital camera and am having a ball with it.

Last modified

16 January 2006

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